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01. Transport bucke.
02. Milking bucket .
03. Storage bucket .
04. Medicine bucket.
05. Milk cup series.
06. Milk can cover .
07. Milk collection.
08. Stamping series.
09. Cleaning series.
10. Fluid Series
11. Valve Series
12. Vacuum tank ser.
13. Milk collection.
14. New produce
15. Exibitions
16. distilling equi.
17. beer tanks
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Light vibration screening equipment
  Light vibration screening equipment: rotating screen vibration, linear vibrating screen, vibrating screen test, the standard screening test, and analysis of the filter screen, linear vibrating screen, the screen airstream, ultrasonic vibrating screen, the probability analysis of the screen, slap-shaker, and other Species of small vibrating screening equipment, widely used for a variety of powder, liquid-type materials as well as the filter screen of the work.
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